VPD-02 Phase Sequence and Phase Failure Protection Relay with DIN Rail Installation

1. 35mm DIN Rail Installation.
2. phase failure protection.
3. phase sequence protection.
4. voltage asymmetry(fixed 40% for phase-neutral).
5. frequency:50/60Hz.
6. Switch capacity 8 Ampers @250 V
7. Switching contacts: 1Z(SPDT)
8. 3 phase and 1 neutral(VL-N:230VAC and VL-L: 400VAC)


  • Dimension: 36X90X60(mm)
  • 100units/CTN : 38.7×21.5×37.2cm
  • Net Weight: 15kg

In three phases system, When phase sequence and phase voltage are all normal, the OUT light is turned on, relay contact is energized; When there is default phase of phase sequence errors, the OUT light is off, the relay de-energizes its contact.