VLC-03 Drain type Liquid Level Control Relay with DIN Rail Installation

1. 35mm DIN Rail Installation.
2. adjustable sensitivity 5k-100kΩ.
3. delay to prevent liquid from fluctuating.
4. tripolar probe control upper, lowest level.
5. auto drain type.
6. with isolation transfer to supply prode power.
7. output trod voltage: AC10V
8. Contact capacity: AC 220V, 8A


  • Dimension: 36X90X60(mm)
  • 100units/CTN : 38.7×21.5×37.2cm
  • Net Weight: 21kg

For civilian use water tower, reservoir of water level control.
Three electrodes are connected to the “U“, “L” and “B” terminals. When the liquid level reaches the upper level electrode (U), then the relay will turn on the draining pump. the OUT light is turned on. When the liquid level down to reaches the lowest level electrode (L), then the relay will turns off the pump. the OUT light is turned off. According to the liquid conductivity, sensitivity (Impedance between electrodes) can be adjusted in the range of 5k-100kΩ. using the knob on the front side of the relay.