SUL180a 24 Hours Programmable Mechanical Timer switch

SUL180a SYN160a 24 Hours Programmable Mechanical Timer switch with DIN Guide Rail is suit for water heater, Water dispenser, Street lamp, Staircase lamp, Advertising lamp box, Breed aquatics, Irrigation, office power auto control, anywhere need time control in civilian, home or industrial, etc. It can set 8 programs to control ON or OFF of electric appliance in 24 hours or set 96 programs in one week. It can be programmed to avoid the peak of power, and distribute power in time limit to save energy. This timer is a kind of module for DIN guide rail, easy to installation in illumination box, and its so compact size with pretty form. Its time base component is adopt synch pulse motor and it is strong anti-jamming, small consume with performance stability.


  1. Presetting Circle time with 24 hours.
  2. Up to 96 programs ON/OFF per day
  3. The minimum distance time is 15 minutes
  4. By manual or auto control

Technical data:

  1. Rated power voltage: Us=AC110V, 220V, 380V
  2. Rated consume: ≤2.5VA
  3. Reserve: 3 days
  4. Contact capacity: 16A/AC250V (COSФ=1)
  5. Electrical life: 100,000times
  6. Weight: Approx 95g
  7. External dimension: 88×17.5×66mm
  8. Quantity per CTN: 200pcs/CTN
  9. Package size: 43.5×20×41cm