Ozone Disinfection Purification Machine

sterilizing effect, and may be against E.coli, Staphylococcus aurous and other bacteria 90%.
Exquisite, elegant, portable.
Remove odor, kill bacteria
Scatter smoke and masses dust.
Prevent infection spreading.
Voltage: AC220V/50Hz
Power: 5W
Ozone: 100mg/h

It can clean air, water and liquids, fruit, vegetables…
Technical Parameter:
Rating voltage: AC220V/50Hz.
Ozone density:500mg/h.
Timing error: 5%.
Net weight:1.07kg.
Size: W170*H240*D70mm

This electronic machine Ozone Generator is suit for refrigerators, Shoe cabinet, Kitchen, Toil.. it uses minute quantities of ozone to sterilize and deodorize refrigerated to remove unpleasant sells.
The life span of 4 AA batteries is 60 days. Please take care of this.
Input Voltage DC6V
Ozone Output 5mg/h
Working Type Digital Circle
Product Color White, Silver
Applicable Area 250L

Product description:
This new design ozone generator, explode the way of using home ozone generator. By access with Home adapter & Car cigarette, unlimited the scent air purifier ozone generator for both indoor and outdoor use. High Efficiency 500mg/h Home Car Ozone Generator For Odor Removal
Technical parameter:
Input Voltage DC12V
Power 18W
Ozone Output 500mg/h
Timer 30 minutes
Weight 920g
Size 170*70*240mm