OD500B High Efficiency 500mg/h Home Car Ozone Generator For Odor Removal

High Efficiency 500mg/h Home Car Ozone Generator For Odor Removal

Product description:
This new design ozone generator, explode the way of using home ozone generator. By access with Home adapter & Car cigarette, unlimited the scent air purifier ozone generator for both indoor and outdoor use.

Technical parameter:

  1. Input Voltage DC12V
  2. Power 18W
  3. Ozone Output 500mg/h
  4. Timer 30minutes
  5. Weight 920g
  6. Size 170*70*240mm

Usage Home, Kitchen, Hotel, hospital, Restaurant, House & Cars.
Accessory Air pipe, Air stone, Home adapter, Car cigarette, Wall mounted screwer, Manual book, Warranty card
Functions Produce drinking water
Air purification for home & Cars
Ozone disinfection
Automatic timed working & Remote control

1. Produce drinking water
2. Air purification
(1) Removes foul smell: Removes harmful gases, scent air such as formaldehyde emanating form new furniture, painting, and carpeting
Kitchen: Removes food preparation and cooking, (garlic, fish) odor and smoke in the air.
(2) Preserve Freshness: When wash the fish and meat, the Ozone can eliminate the fishy odor. And extend fresh fruit and vegetable storage life in refrigerators and coolers.
3. Ozone disinfection
(1) Kills Bacteria: Dissolves and eliminates pesticide and agrichemicals on the surface of fruits and vegetables and Kills the bacteria on the surface of fruits and vegetables.
(2) O3 Sterilization
Tableware washing: Kills bacteria on the surface of the tableware
Water treatment: Dissolves the organic impurities and bleaches the water and Increases the oxygen level in the water
Children Articles: Disinfects nursing bottles and toys, etc.
Bathing: Prevents diseases such as epiphyte from infecting.
Oral hygiene: Kills bacteria in oral cavity and helps to cure some oral cavity diseases such as faucitis and stomatitis
4. Automatic timed working
You may set the start time and off time, and the machine can work on your setting time automatically
5. With remote control, in the range of 5 meters
6. With home adapter & Car cigarette, for both indoor and outdoor use.