OD02 Refrigerator Deodorizer Ozone Generator Air Purifier

This electronic machine Ozone Generator is suit for refrigerators, Shoe cabinet, Kitchen, Toil.. it uses minute quantities of ozone to sterilize and deodorize refrigerated to remove unpleasant sells.

The life span of 4 AA batteries is 60 days. Please take care of this.
Take out the batteries if leaving the unit idle for a long time.
Should this machine laying aside refrigerator cold-storage room in. forbid the machine to lay aside in the freezing room uses.

Main Functions:
1). Disappear the smoke and dust, make air clean: anion generator absorb the smoking and dust with the electro static, and fellow because of earths gravity.
2). Refreshing and disinfecting: O3 can effectively remove remaining pesticide,hormone of birds and animals, delay vegetables and fruits refreshing time.
3). Deodorant disinfector: anion generator recall hydroxide ion. It can reflect with bacteria and streptomycin, and make their instruction broken in order to make them die.
4). Circling function: it can work automatically, and cycling, the indicator flash one time every one second on working; the indicator flash one time every ten seconds.


  1. Input Voltage DC6V
  2. Ozone Output 5mg/h
  3. Working Type Digital Circle
  4. Product Color White, Silver
  5. Applicable Area 250L