GCA Lead Acid Battery Charger

Product Description

The charging current and voltage are regulated manually for GCA charger. It features high reliability & strong power, with silicon diode as rectifying element. It is suitable for charging of variety battery.

Applicable for charging battery used in cars, tractors, diesel engines, generators for ship, mining lamps, motorcycles and so on, the charger also can be used to illuminate when user repairs car or in mine, besides, it is the necessary equipment for post, telephone and geology service
1. Voltage floating automatic Square transformer.
2. input voltage 220-240V.
3. Output Voltage 12V/24V.
4. Meter Display Charging current.
5. Air cooling .
6. Protection Overload, over temperature, reverse polarity protection optional.

Model GCA-6A GCA-10A GCA-15A GCA-20A
Maximum output-current(Amps) 3-6A DC 10A DC 15A DC 20A DC
  • Nominal battery voltage:DC6V DC12V DC4V ± 20%
  • Maximum voltage electronic regulation 14.5V@25 degree
  • Mains supply voltage 220-240Vac 50-60Hz
  • Tolerance to mains supply distortion 16%THD
  • Mains protection Reverse polarity, short circuit
  • Output protection Over load, short circuit, charging full
  • Temperature range -10-45 degree
  • Cabinet: W× D× H 57.5× 29.5× 37cm
  • Relative humidity 80%
  • Charge mode AUTOMATIC
  • Charge voltage 6V 12V 24V 36V 48V or others will be customized
  • Temperature rise of whole machine ≤ 60 degree